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User Control Panel (UCP)

The User Control Panel (UCP) can be accessed by clicking on your username on the top right (in this example: 'Test Account'), and then on 'User Control Panel'

The UCP allows you to alter personal preferences, manage posts you are watching, send and receive private messages, and change the way information about you appears to other users.

The UCP is separated into six tabs: Overview, Profile, Board preferences, Private messages, Usergroups, and Friends and Foes with an extra Digests tab for premium groups. Within each tab are several sub-pages, accessed by clicking the desired link on the left side of the UCP interface. Some of these areas may not be available depending on the permissions set for you by the administrator. Every page of the UCP can also display your Friends List on the left side. To send a private message to a friend, click their user name. Private Messaging is discussed in more depth in the Private Messages” section.

You can Click on the respective image to learn more:

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