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Online Training
Make the most of your forum
Moving an online community or starting out on a different platform can be daunting at first. There are new ways of posting, using new features, adding videos, links, etc. that all have to be learned and understood. Whereas the member has to get used to posting online and how to use the archives, the moderator has an even steeper learning curve to make full use of the forum's features.
We understand this and are therefore offering a number of training documents and videos to help you understand what to do. Luckily, phpBB forums have been in use for over 20 years and are well established. Based on their documentation, we are creating our own User Guides that explain the aspects of using and running the forum in even more detail.
We have already written our own User Guide and Moderator Guide and still need to complete and release our Admin Guide (due after December 15).

Instruction Guides
  • We have released our own User Guide and Moderator Guide, packed with information especially written for how to use our groups.
  • We will be releasing our own Admin Guide after December 15, 2020. Until then we link to the respective guides on the phpBB website.
  • Our guides are specifically written to describe the forums as implemented by forums.groups with additional guidance for those coming from YahooGroups.
  • Keep in mind that we are still updating and revising these articles so come back later as we constantly improve them.
  • You can either view the guides either online or as a downloadable PDF for easier offline access and printing.

User Guide
Updated: December 1, 2020
Mod. Guide
Released: December 1, 2020
Admin Guide
phpBB Website.
Online Support
Updated: December 1, 2020
Released: December 1, 2020
phpBB Website
phpBB Website
Training Videos
Restore your YahooGroup Messages and Members
Forums.Group Can Restore your YahooGroup Messages and Members
YahooGroups deleted the archives of around 10 million online communities in December 2019. Since then, there has been no means of restoring your message archives online. Forums.Group has been developing a means of migrating from your backup files or even from an Outlook archive to fully restore your lost YahooGroup community.
How to Download the Members List from Yahoo Groups
How to Download the Members List from Yahoo Groups
When migrating a Yahoo Group to a Forums.Group forum, the owner of the YahooGroup (or the moderator) needs to download the complete members list. Up until 1000 members, this is easy, but beyond this you need to follow this procedure to download the complete list. You need to be using the Chrome or Brave browsers for this to work. It will fail with FireFox and many other browsers.
How a Moderator can Move Topics into a different Category.
How a Moderator can Move Topics into another Category.
Once a YahooGroup has been migrated to a Forums.Group forum, all the messages can be found in one archive section. The beauty of forums is the ability to have a separate section (category) for each aspect of your groups discussion points. Once you have defined all the categories, we recommend you get together a team of moderators to move the topics into more appropriate sections - Each moderator should choose one or more target sections to move the messages into. Topics related to events can be moved to an Events section, topics related to politics into a Politics section, etc. This will really open up your discussions and make it easier for your members to find answers to their questions, if it has been asked before.

This video explains the process of how to identify and move a topic to another section of the forum. It is an easy job and if mistakes are made, you simply move the topic again until every topic is in the right place.
Use Forums.Group Forums with your Smartphone with TapaTalk Pro
Use Forums.Group Forums with your Smartphone with TapaTalk Pro
This video demonstrates how you can access your forum on your iOS/Android smartphone (or tablet). Note that this video was recorded on a smartphone using the portrait mode. Best watched on a smartphone or tablet.
How to Register, Read and Post Text and Images
How to Register and use a forums group forum to read and post messages.
This video demonstrates how to register an account on a forum and how write a new post on the forum complete with text and images uploaded from your computer.

Forums.Group is a project dedicated to restoring lost YahooGroups into phpBB forum based communities.
How to Obtain your Username, Password, Post Text and Images
How to Obtain your lost Username and Password as well as posting Text and Images
In this video, we use the Minutus forum to demonstrate how to recover a lost username and password in order to (re)gain access to your account on the forum.
This video shows the whole process of obtaining your Username, setting a new password, logging in to the forum and then how to make a post with text and an images, both from the forum and uploaded from your computer.
How to post with Links and Attachments
How to post with Links and Attachments
An important part of any forum post is the ability to add links and attachments. In this video, Peter Walker demonstrates how to do this on a premium forum (phpBB based).
We will be adding many more training videos on this page.
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