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Health & Wellness
  • Advice
  • Alternative Medicine
    • Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda
    • Biofeedback
    • Herbal Medicine, Holistic Health, Homeopathy
    • Magnetic Therapy, Massage Therapy
    • Reflexology, Reiki, Resonance Therapy
  • Beauty
    • Cosmetics
    • Hair
    • Nails
    • Skin Care
  • Children's
  • Coronavirus
  • Drugs and Medications
  • First Aid
  • Fitness and Nutrition
    • Aerobics, All Bran
    • ConAgra
    • Healthy Cooking
    • Special K
    • Stretching', 'Teens
  • Health Care
  • Men's
  • Professional
    • Alternative
    • Community Action For Your Turf
    • Dental Schools
    • Emergency Services
    • Fitness and Nutrition
    • Health Administration
    • Medical Schools, Medical Transcription, Mental Health, Midwifery
    • Nursing
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Pharmacists, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Physicians
    • Radiology Technologists, Respiratory Therapy
    • Speech Pathology
  • Reproductive
    • Abortion
    • Birth Control
    • Infertility
  • Seniors
  • Stress Management
  • Support
  • Teens
  • Women's
    • Menopause
    • Pregnancy and Birth
Alternative Medicine / Homepathy
  • Until a larger number of groups have been added to this system, all available groups are currently being shown on the main page of each catagory. They will be moved to sub-group pages when necessary.
  • We also list YahooGroups that were archived for use on Windows computers by our sister website They offer the group's messages, files, photos and links (where available) to download complete with a powerful windows software for offline viewing for a small one-time fee.
  • Any of the groups archived by that website can be migrated to this platform, as we have already done for the Minutus YahooGroup.
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