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Admin Guide
ACP / General
The General section is the first screen you see each time you log into the ACP. It contains some basic statistics and information about your forum. It also has four subsections:

Quick Access
This provides links to important and often used features of the ACP, like User Management or Moderator Logs. We will discuss this items in the respective sections.

We have removed the board configuration section, as we handle that for you. The following list shows you the features you have access to:
Admin Settings Available
Free Hosting
Forums: Can manage forums

Forums: Can add new forums
Forums: Can delete forums
Forums: Can prune forums
Posting: Can alter topic/post icons and smilies

Users & Groups: Can manage users
Users & Groups: Can delete/prune users
Users & Groups: Can manage groups
Users & Groups: Can add new groups
Users & Groups: Can delete groups
Users & Groups: Can manage ranks
Users & Groups: Can manage custom profile fields
Users & Groups: Can manage disallowed names
Users & Groups: Can manage bans
Permissions: Can view permission masks
Permissions: Can alter permissions for individual groups
Permissions: Can alter permissions for individual users
Permissions: Can alter forum permission class
Permissions: Can alter moderator permission class
Permissions: Can alter user permission class
Misc: Can view logs
Misc: Can send mass email
Misc: Can manage report/denial reasons
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