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Moderator Guide
Moderation queue
What is the “Moderation queue”?

The Moderation queue is an area where topics and posts which need to be approved are listed. If a forum or user’s permissions are set to Moderation queue via the Administration Control Panel, all posts made in that forum or by this user will need to be approved by an administrator or moderator before they are displayed to other users. Topics and posts which require approval can be viewed through the Moderator Control Panel.

When viewing a forum, topics which have not yet been approved will be marked with an icon, clicking on this icon will take you directly to the Moderator Control Panel where you may approve or disapprove the topic. Likewise, when viewing the topic itself, the post requiring approval will be accompanied with a message which also links to the post waiting approval.

If you choose to approve a topic or post, you will be given the option to notify the user of its approval. If you choose to disapprove a topic or post, you will be given the option to notify the user of its disapproval and also specify why you have disapproved the post, and enter a description.
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