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Moderator Guide
Member Management
Member Management - Coming soon...
Due to the need to concentrate on marketing to as many groups as possible, before the December 15, 2020 deadline, this online manual is still under construction and missing the section where we explain how members are managed on

The functionality is already there, the documentation is just missing - please be patient and we will release that as soon as we can.

Moderators will have access to the following features:

  • Ask custom questions on joining and putting them on hold so that you can approve or reject each applicant
  • Ability to moderate members as needed, beyond what was possible on YahooGroups.
  • Ability to assign passwords, etc if needed
  • Setup user groups, giving access to individual forums as needed
  • Temporary or permanent banning

and much more...

We will add these pages after December 15, 2020 - thank-you for your patience.

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