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Moderator Guide
Moderation Tools
Moderation Tools
Moderators with privileges in the relevant forums are able to edit topics and posts, even if the forum is locked. You can usually view who the moderators are beneath the forum description on the index page. A user with moderator privileges is able to select the edit button beside each post.

On Forums.Group, we generally assign at least one moderator with global permissions, that is they can moderate any post on the forum. It is also possible to define moderators with only specific permissions, for example a "Topic Moderator" can only move topics, not edit or delete them - perfect for those moving archived messages into more suitable categories.

Beneath topics, the moderator has various options in a dropdown box which modify the topic in different ways. These include the ability to lock/unlock, delete, move, split, move posts, merge and copy the topic and view logs. The following subsections detail each action on a topic that a moderator can perform.

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