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After the loss of the online archives at Yahoo Groups in December 2019 and growing censorship on other online platforms, we recognised a need for a new platform where existing YahooGroups could be fully restored complete with their message archives, files and the members on a modern safe platform where members can discuss a wide variety of topics where their freedom of speech is fully respected and where even topics that are not politically correct can reside in peace with a diversity of ideas.

Our websites are hosted in Germany, where freedom of speech is still respected. On our platform, you do not have to fear your forum being removed without warning or without the ability to download the archives for use elsewhere. The founder of this system comes from the world of communities for alternative medicine and respects a wide range of topics. Basically, if your topic was permitted on YahooGroups, it should be permitted here as well, provided it does not break the relevant laws in Germany. We do however reserve the right to refuse applications for forums on our platform.

The motivation to start this service was in answer to the loss of the archives on Yahoo Groups that contain knowledge collectively gained over up to 20 years or more, which is still valuable today. The collective knowledge on a wide range of topics can now be restored to a new home and can continue the discussions that made those groups so valuable. While more than 3000 active Yahoo Groups were able to move to with their message archives, that is only a tiny fraction of the approx. 10 million Yahoo Groups that existed. Many were unable to transfer in time and those that moved to other platforms were unable to take their archives with them, so they were effectively lost.

With the announcement that YahooGroups will be closing completely on December 15, 2020 - we have now ramped up our preparations to open this service for all. You will be able to order a migration to as of October 19, 2020 and YahooGroups will be migrated on a first come, first serve basis. A limited number of groups can apply for beta-test status and those groups will be the first groups to be migrated (some features will not be fully implemented during the beta phase). As soon as the beta-testing is complete, we will be migrating all the other groups as ordered. If we receive a lot of orders, it can take some time to process them all, but we have no time limit for this, provided you have downloaded your complete member list before December 15, 2020. is a new platform that can make use of the YahooGroups MBox format files that were offered to all members during December 2019 to download and also Microsoft Outlook PST files that can also hold the archives of such groups. They can be used to revive the respective Yahoo Groups on a new modern phpBB platform on our managed servers.
Yahoo Groups took their archives offline on Dec. 17, 2019
If you want your group to continue, yet missed the deadline to transfer to another platform,
we offer a powerful new solution to migrate your message archives and members.

Yahoo Groups has now announced they are closing
YahooGroups completely on Dec. 15, 2020

Do not lose your community, apply to move your group to Forums.Group, NOW!
We can import and convert your existing YahooGroup into a fully featured phpBB online forum
where members are able to post online and receive messages via Email - in a similar way to YahooGroups.

The Ease of Groups - the Power of Forums - Full Freedom of Expression = The Evolution of Groups!
Yahoo! Groups is a free-to-use system of electronic mailing lists offered by Yahoo!.

Prior to January 2020, Yahoo! Groups was one of the world's largest collections of online discussion boards. It allowed members to subscribe to various groups, read subscribed discussions online, view and share photos, files and bookmarks within a group, access a group calendar, create polls for group members, and receive email notfications of new discussion topics. Some groups were simply announcement boards, to which only the group moderators could post, while others were discussion forums. Depending on each group's settings, membership could be open to everyone or only to invited and/or approved people.
On December 17, 2019, Yahoo! removed online access to discussions and all other features except simple membership management, essentially turning all groups into mailing lists.
A large number of groups looked for alternative platforms and by far the most suitable platform at the time was that asked for $220 for the ability to migrate to their platform and just over 3000 groups did that before their migration service closed on December 15, 2019. There were no other platforms capable of migrating the message archives at the time.
NOTE: no longer offer the possibility to migrate your message archives to their service, they can however still migrate members only with premium accounts.
Important: can no longer migrate message archives to their service in 2020.
At the time, Peter Walker (who ran several groups and a forum) setup a service to archive over 70 health-related groups. One of those groups needed help to find a home after losing their own archives. That was the birth of the idea to offer a new service to reconstuct lost groups from the downloadable archive files Yahoo had offered at the time:
The new system migrates YahooGroups to phpBB managed forums that not only provide the lost functionality of the YahooGroups, they also make it much easier to read the archives and add catagories and many other new features. The first group went online at Easter 2020.
Help us offer this service to ALL lost YahooGroups!
As phpBB forums do not offer the functionality of posting via email (receiving new posts via email is possible), is adding that functionality and are streamlining the migration process so that potentially thousands of lost groups can move to the new platform. We are currently completing the infrastucture and adding missing functionality to make the best alternative to YahooGroups by November 2020.
One-time setup: 69 Euros (~ $83)
Plan 1f: New Forum: No Members, No Messages.
For those starting a new forum with nothing to import. This gives you a standard-featured level forum to start anew without archives or members. As we do not have to migrate anything, these forums are availble for use soon after they have been ordered.
Important: It is not possible to later migrate messages to such forums. Importing Members can be ordered.

One-time setup: 109 Euros (~ $131)
Plan 2f: New Forum: With Members, No Messages.
This gives you a standard-featured level forum to start anew without message archives, but with the members from your existing YahooGroup (or who are imported and an email with their login details sent to each member.
Important: It is not possible to later migrate messages to such forums. Includes one-time importing of members.

One-time setup: 169 Euros (~ $203)
Plan 3f, Archive Forum: With Messages, Files, Photos
If you have an inactive YahooGroup and simply want to make the existing archives available online without restarting discussions, this is ideal. The messages, files and photos are made available with full search functions available as well as the similar topics function that cross-references each post. This level is typical ordered for INACTIVE groups that just want to make their archives available online for reference purposes. The forum contains all the messages and members that have posted in the past, but silent members have been ommited. We will not be sending login details to the members, yet they can use the lost password feature to reset their password. As this type of forum is designed for archiving, we will leave it online for at least 10 years even without further activity.
One time setup fee of 169 € for the forum with up to 100k messages included.

One-time setup: 179 € (~ $215)
4f. Full Migration: With Members and Messages, etc.
All members, messages, files and photos are imported. This gives you a standard-featured level forum complete with your previous message archives, files, photos and all your members from your previous YahooGroup. An email with their login details is sent to each member. This is the best selection if you are migrating an active group with its archives and members. Price includes migrating up to 100k members. One time setup fee of 179 € for the forum with up to 100k messages included.

One-time setup: 239 € (~ $287)
4p. Full Premium Migration: With Members and Messages, etc.
All members, messages, files and photos are imported. This gives you a premium-featured level forum complete with your previous message archives, files, photos and all your members from your previous YahooGroup. An email with their login details is sent to each member. This is the best selection if you are migrating an active group with its archives and members. Indiegogo price includes migrating up to 100k members. If your group has more than 100k message, we will bill you the difference when your group is ready for migration.
One time setup fee of 239 € for the forum with up to 100k messages included.
Note: If you select this option, you do not need to add the premium upgrade as well.
Premium Upgrade
Premium Upgrade: 90 € (~ $108)

BETA TESTER UPGRADE: 150 € (~ $180) for TWO Years - BETA Tester
Premium Upgrade
The free hosting plans provide you with a standard phpBB forum with minimal extensions and no posting via email with forum based support and advertising. The premium plans add a considerable number of enhanced features and we are constantly reviewing additional features to add. For example:
  • The standard account provides Moderator access only. Admin access allows you to have more control and responsibility over your forum.
  • YahooGroup members are used to be able to post new messages and to reply via email. We are adding that feature for premium accounts in November 2020.
  • The standard account gives you a simple text-based editor using BBCodes to format the text. Premium accounts give you a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor that makes it easier to write messages.
  • The ability to easily show media like videos on the forum is made possible with the Media Player.
  • For international forums, the ability to Google translate the forum texts into other languages greatly improves the understandabilty for foreign members.
  • YahooGroups does not have a private messaging system and members instead have used emails to contact other members off-list. Forums.Group has an internal Private Messaging system and each member can store 50 posts for a standard forum and 500 for a premium forum.
  • Premium forums have two powerful crossreferencing systems to read the archives: Recent Topics provides a list of recent posts while Similar Topics provides links to 10 similar topics at the bottom of each post.
  • Each Forums.Group premium group can be accessed via a Smartphone or Tablet using the TapaTalk App. This greatly simplifies accessing the forum from anywhere.
  • It is common to want to share posts on other social media platforms. the ShareOn extension makes it easy to share forum posts.
  • The free-hosting forums have just 2GB to share files, etc. Premium forums have 40GB
  • Other features will be added in the future.
Important: You need to ADD this to your Free Hosting order (plans 1-4f) to upgrade your forum to the premium level for a considerably better forum experience.

Premium Upgrade - Beta Forum - Early Bird.
We are searching for 15 YahooGroups that want to be pioneers and join Forums.Group with their communities as Beta-Testers. These groups will be the first to be migrated to this platform and we ask that they test everything out and inform us of anything that needs fixing or improving. As we only want groups to apply that are serious about helping us improve the service, we are charging 150 € for this package and are compensating that by giving your group TWO years of premium service for that price. From the third year, the standard yearly charge of 159 € p.a. will apply.

Add this to your Free Hosting order to upgrade your forum to the premium level that has significantly more features and capabilities.
While the forum's extra features may not be fully implemented at first, your group will be pioneers and your feedback will help shape the entire platform. This is available to just 15 forums and your feedback will be used to help test and complete the system for out customers. During the beta phase, some features are not available or incomplete. We plan to start the beta forums during October 2020.
Important: You need to ADD this to your Free Hosting order (plans 1-4f) to upgrade your forum to the premium level for a considerably better forum experience.

Plan 4f + Premium Stnd. (>100k): 129 + 50 +   90 = 269 € (~ $329) in Y1, 159 € in Y2, 159 € in Y3, etc. = 587 € (~ $705) in 3 years.
Plan 4f + Premium BETA (>100k): 129 + 50 + 150 = 329 € (~ $395) in Y1,    0 € in Y2, 159 € in Y3, etc. = 488 € (~ $586) in 3 years.

Further Details
What happened to ALL Yahoo Groups.
Yahoo Groups removed the archives on December 17, 2019 and will close completely on December 15, 2020.

The following features were permanently deleted on December 17, 2019
  • Files
  • Polls
  • Links
  • Photos
  • Folders
  • Calendar
  • Database
  • Attachments
  • Conversations
  • Email Updates
  • Message Digest
  • Message History

Although it is still possible to send out messages to other members until December 15, 2020, there are no longer any online archives at all. It is now no more than an email redirection service. This seriously reduces the usability of the groups as it is no longer possible to read the previous messages online.

It is still possible even to migrate your YahooGroup with your archives and members until December 15, 2020 to our platform. We can recover your group complete with messages, and members to our new service. Your message archives will then continue as a phpBB forum and discussions can continue as before.

We discuss the options on our special page for Groups Owners.

For more details on the deletion of Yahoo Groups, see this official page on the archive remval and this page on the closure of YahooGroup entirely.

Yahoo Group will be dead on December 15, 2020 - long live
Yahoo Groups (previously known as Onelist or eGroups) have been building online communities since the 1990s, long before there was Facebook, Twitter or other such social media.

We therefore, started this project to provide an alternative platform for groups that have not yet found a new home and where their messages can be preserved and the discussions can continue. did an excellent job migrating over 3000 groups to their platform, but in relation to the estimated 115 million users in 10 million Yahoo Groups, it is merely a drop in the ocean (0.03%) and they have now ceased to offer a migration service. The two main reasons many groups did not migrate were the high migration costs ($220 per group) and the lack of recent discussions on groups that were highly active in the past. was setup to provide a new home to those groups that have been left in limbo since Yahoo removed their archives.

Free Alternatives?
We saw a lot of groups calling out for an alternative free platform for their continued discussions. The problem with free, is that it always comes at a cost like being subjected to advertising, lack of privacy as your private details are sold to the highest bidder and the fact that providers can censor, shadow ban or even delete your discussion groups at little or no notice - you pay for "free discussions" with your privacy and loss of free-speech.

Our aim is to provide an affordable means of restoring your groups in a place where your privacy and freedom of speech are fully respected. Our servers are based in Germany where the laws for forum owners permit open discussions on almost every topic except against regious freedoms and holocaust denial - these are two restrictions we can live with and would not want on our platform, anyway.

We offer forums at two cost levels. Free hosting that is supported by advertising and a one-time setup fee. This gives you full moderator level control of your group. If you want to migrate your YahooGroup to our platform, that is possible for a one-time charge as well. So while our "Free service" is not totally free, this does mean that we will respect your privacy, never pass-on your personal details to third parties and we will respect freedom-of-speech. As our service and servers are based in Europe, our charges are made in Euros as well, yet we accept applications for new groups and members from all countries.

No Hate, just Civilized Debate!
We do not condone "hate speech" and therefore will not approve groups that are dedicated to promoting hate against ANY race, nationality, religion or even extreme political opinions on the left or right. Our policy is to permit groups that are looking at the facts, debating the issues and presenting well referenced facts. If you have better data, then you are free to present it here - irrespective of what side of the argument you have. If someone does not like the facts being presented by either side, they are also free to present better arguments respectfully with facts and data to back it up. That is the kinds of discussions that can flourish here. Each side can present their case so that the members can decide for themselves instead of censorship or suppression. That way, we all benefit from hearing all sides of the argument and can learn from each other. Banning some ideas because they do not agree with your belief system just enlarges the bubble you are in. By allowing full debate, we help to burst those bubbles so that we can all learn more from each other. We do not shadow-ban or censor discussions because they are not "politically correct" - Our platform is for honest and respectful debate. with no personal attacks, where we can all learn from each other and collectively find out the truth behind the issues.

The answer to "wrong" speech is NOT to censor, slur or attack your opponent,
but to respectfully debate the issue with better arguments and references!

Our aim is to have a platform where intelligent people can have civilized and respectful discussions to find the best answers to each topic.

Test our forums now
We have setup two forums that you can join and post in to test the functionality of our services. Just click on the respective images below, register and try it out now for free.

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