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Tell Us About Your Group Experience
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Has your group already migrated to another platform?
A) No, still on YahooGroups
B) Yes, moved to groups.io WITH message archives
C) Yes, moved to groups.io WITHOUT message archives
D) Yes, moved to another platform WITH message archives
E) Yes, moved to another platform WITHOUT message archives
Are you considering Forums.Group for your community?
A) No, happy where we are now
B) Yes, if the messages and members can be reunited
C) Yes, because its a free speech platform
D) Yes, if the costs are fundable
E) Yes, I love the concept of this new platform
Do you have a download of your Yahoo Groups message archives?
A) No, I lost everything when YG deleted the archives
B) Yes, I know who has the YahooGroup (MBox) download
C) Yes, I have the download from YahooGroups (MBox)
D) Yes, I know who has the PG Offline archive
E) Yes. I have a PG Offline archive of my group
How did you hear about Forums.Group
A) I read an article about this new service
B) A friend informed me about this website
C) I received a message in my YahooGroup
D) I read about it in the official Yahoo Groups
E) Other
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