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Online Training
Online Training
Make the most of your forum

Moving an online community or starting out on a different platform can be daunting at first. There can be new ways of posting, using new features, adding videos, links, etc. that all have to be learned and understood. Whereas the member has to get used to posting online and how to use the archives, the moderator has an even steeper learning curve to make full use of the forum's features.

We understand this and are therefore offering a number of training documents and videos to help you understand what to do. Luckily, phpBB forums have been in use for over 20 years and are well established. Based on their documentation, we are creating our own User Guides that explain the aspects of using and running the forum in even more detail.

User Guides
We have now released the first version of our own User Guide for members, packed with information on how to use our forums.
We will be releasing similar guides for moderators and administrators soon.

The user guide contains detailed documentation articles for those using our forums. It is specifically written to describe the forums as implemented by forums.groups.

Keep in mind that we are still updating and revising these articles so come back later as we constantly improve them.

You can either view the User Guide online or as a downloadable PDF for easier offline access and printing.

Forums.Group User Guide
phpBB Moderator Infos
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